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Installing Lexicon Extras to storage card (03 Apr 04)

When loading Lexicon to a storage card, it turns out that ActiveSync forgets the path when installing. The installation script specified the correct paths, but ActiveSync forgets them when installing anywhere but the default location. We are working on some workaround, but in the meantime the fix is to move the files to where they belong by hand.

Dock the IPAQ and browse Mobile Device\My Pocket PC\Storage Card\ and checking what directories exist. There should only be a Derelict Software\Lexicon directory. If there are Derelict Software Roman or Derelict Software Dictionary American or any other Lexicon Extra, then you will need to move the files from these folders into Derelict Software\Lexicon\Skins and Derelict Software\Lexicon\Dicts. If those directories don't exist then create them,then move the files.

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