StormChaser StormChaser 

StormChaser v1.1

  • National Weather Service Doppler Radar
  • Runs on your PocketPC and on Windows 2000/XP
  • Up-to-the-minute weather as it happens!
  • 99 radar sites in the USA
  • 13 radar sites in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico 
  • No waiting for web pages to load.
  • All weather radar, all the time
  • Download weather radar and take it with you

New in StormChaser 1.1
PocketPC and Desktop versions included in one package
Auto Update so you can track weather as it happens
Improved network support - now works with HTTP Proxy Internet connections
Improved network resilience - auto retries during periods of congestion

National Radar Site Map
All the radar sites across the USA on one screen.
Zoom in to your region, or find sites in other states, even Alaska and Hawaii.
Touch any radar site for up-to-the-minute radar scans.
Sites with downloaded radar are highlighted so you can return to a radar screen without waiting.

Local Doppler Radar Scans
See weather as its happening right now! Updated every 10 minutes nationwide!
Rivers, roads, towns and state boundaries help you identify where the storms are at, and where they are going.
Six different scans show current precipitation, rainfall for the last hour, total rainfall for the storm, and total storm intensity.
Long-Range radar and Short-Range radar.
Color-coded legend on every map.
All maps can be scaled to fit the screen, or zoomed in for detail. Simply touch the map near an edge to move the view in any direction.
Store maps in main memory, or on any removable flash card. Clear them all out at the touch of a button.

National Composite Radar
Find weather hot spots at a glance.
99 radar images combined into a single high-level weather tracking system.
Touch any storm and go instantly to the Site Map for that region.
Update every hour, 24 X 7 X 365
Anti-clutter edited for clarity.

Glossary of Doppler Radar Terms
Reflectivity, dBz, VIP and other Doppler Radar terms are explained in the handy help reference.

Special Introductory Price!
For a limited time, registered users will be able to upgrade to the next version for free.

Compatible with any PocketPC Internet connection:

  • Docking station
  • Wireless modem
  • 802.11 Wireless Ethernet
  • BlueTooth network connection such as a cell phone
  • Supports HTTP Proxy Internet connections


  • PocketPC 2002
  • Internet connection
  • 150K storage plus room for any radar images you want to keep
  • ActiveSync 3.5 or later on a desktop PC for installation
  • Runs on any ARM/XScale-based PocketPC such as Casio E-200 Compaq iPaq Dell Axim X5 HP Jornada 560 HP Jornada 565 HP Jornada 568 Packard Bell PocketGear Toshiba E-310 Toshiba E-330 Toshiba E-570 Toshiba E-740

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