Lexicon Lexicon 

Lexicon v1.6

  • Animated word puzzle game
  • Great graphics and sound!
  • Play for fun, or against the clock
  • Play on your PocketPC and your Desktop or Notebook.
  • Full screen game play on PocketPC
  • 21000-word dictionary
  • Free loadable skins and dictionaries.

New in version 1.6:
Play under Windows 2000 or Window XP as well as your PocketPC.
New setup lets you install to your PocketPC, Desktop, or both.

Three games to play
Shuffle - make words and fill the bonus bar
Clocked - make words as fast as you can
Crash - clear the board completely for increasing level bonuses

How to Play
8 X 8 gameboard of letters
Touch and drag to move letters around
Make words to score!
Bonus letters increase the score
Match bonus word for 10X bonus
Multi-word bonus

Trial version has full features!
All three games
High scores screen
Downloadable Skins
Downloadable Dictionary feature
Play Lexicon on your PocketPC or under Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Free upgrade to 1.6 for all registered Leixcon players

PocketPC or PocketPC 2002
Installs with ActiveSync 3.1 or later
450K available storage
Desktop play requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP

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